Impact of Water Pollution on our life – जल प्रदूषण मराठी प्रकल्प

In the present time, we are facing several types of pollution. It is making our life vulnerable day by day. Out of this, the most common and harmful pollution is the water pollution. Can you imagine, how will you feel if the water you are consuming is poisonous? It can bring evil effect on the skin. Water pollution has given birth to many other diseases. Some are known to us while others are still unknown to us. The impact of water pollution is bad. If proper actions are not taken in time, we can have something serious.

What is the effect of water pollution – जल प्रदूषण ?

जल प्रदूषण

In this part, you will know about the impact of water pollution on our life. Let us discuss some of the serious ones.

  • The water we are consuming comes from various sources. It may be from sea or from lake. Are we getting fresh water to drink? The only answer is “no”. This is because the water of the sea or the lake is getting contaminated with all sorts of contaminated products. The most harmful among them are plastics and other elements. They are so harmful that after consuming it, you may face serious health issues.
  • Various indigestion issues that we face in our body is because of drinking unhealthy and contaminated water. If water is not sterilized in the best possible manner, it can bring serious health problems to the body. It needs to be corrected. We must always give special preference in having clean and fresh water.

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  • Consumption of contaminated water can also affect the skins. It can make the skin rough and dull. You can also experience various types of rashes on the skin with the consumption of contaminated water.
  • You must have seen that in many places water contains good amount of arsenic. This is dangerous as it damage the liver of a person. It can also cause skin cancer and other types of vascular diseases. This is why you must check the water before drinking it. It is okay if you try to know the source of water. It is the source that needs to be good.
  • Excessive amount of fluorides in the water can make the teeth yellow and dull. It can also damage the spinal cord to a great extent. Fluorides are not at all good for your teeth.
  • If the water gets mixed with oils or petrochemicals it can bring cancer in your life. We can make a better and pure world with little initiatives.

पाणी प्रदूषण उपाय

We can take the steps from our end to keep the water clean and fresh as much as possible. It is good if we do not throw particles on the water. It will pollute the water that we are drinking. However, proper sterilization and purification is also required before drinking the water. You can use various machines to purify the water. We must be cautious while consuming the water. A little negligence can bring immense effect on our health.

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Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Statistics as on 2022

Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana scheme on 28th August, 2014. It is a scheme that aims to provide financial assistance and services namely credit, insurance, remittance, and pensions. The mission successfully completed six years in 2020. Financial services can help people from lots of burden. The scheme can give good financial reliefs to the low income groups and financially deprived sectors. This can help them to grow and expand in the best possible manner. They can earn good profits from these schemes. It is widely spreading in various parts of the country.

What are the Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana scheme?

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

It has been found that PMJDY scheme was introduced for opening accounts to 7.5 crores of people. You will feel good to know about the benefits of this scheme. Let us try to find it out.

  • The scheme covers people of both urban and rural areas for providing indigenous credit card.
  • There is no such requirement of minimum balance for opening the account. It is the best part of this scheme.
  • It also ensures to provide core banking system with mobile banking facilities.
  • It helps in uplifting the economic crisis from the country by providing all financial services. It will be good to try this scheme.
  • This scheme is applicable to all the Indian citizens. Even the children’s can open this account with a trustee to manage the account. It is another advantage you can try.
  • The application for this scheme can be made through online mode. This is why more and more people can manage to use it. In addition to this, the account holders under this scheme are also entitled to get an accidental benefit of Rs 1 lakhs. This is a wonderful thing.
  • This account will also give the beneficiaries to access pensions and other things.
  • The account also provides overdrawing up to Rs 2000.

Now let us try to have a glance on the statistics of PMJDY scheme. It will be good to know about the progress of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana 2021.

How Many Accounts Opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana ?

Bank Number of beneficiaries in rural areas Number of beneficiaries in semi metro Number of rural-urban female beneficiaries Total number of beneficiaries Deposits Number of Rupay cards
Public Sector Banks 21.52 12.96 19.01 34.48 113890.92 27.14
Regional Rural Banks 6.95 0.99 4.60 7.94 27967.51 3.38
Private Sector Banks 0.70 0.57 0.70 1.27 4373.93 1.11
Grand Total 29.17 14.53 24.30 43.70 146232.36 31.64

 The chart makes it clear on the recent developments about the scheme. The scheme has been implemented in three stages. Almost all the stages are found to be successful and a great one. The best part of the scheme is it provides pension and life insurance cover to the people. The accidental benefits provided by the scheme are another advantage of the policy. This has allowed more and more people to grab the scheme. The Government is always looking to uplift the people to some extent. It aims in providing financial freedom.

Data source

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Best Home Remedies for Dry Cough – कोरडा खोकला

Cough is always irritating and troublesome. You may experience cough because of cold or due to regular exposure to pollution. It really makes us feel bad if we start coughing before the people or in an office. However, apart from consuming cough syrups, you can try or rely upon some home remedies to get rid of cough. These home remedies are simple and you can easily use it at home. Dry cough is the most devastating one. It can make you tired. You can also feel like vomiting due to constant coughing. The other name of dry cough is unproductive cough. A dry cough can continue for a week or two.

Best Home Remedies for Dry Cough – कोरडा खोकला


Dry Cough

Here are some of the best home remedies that can help you to get immediate relief from dry cough. Let us discuss some of the best ones.

  • Honey is always a best home remedy for dry cough. If you take one tablespoon of honey every morning you can get relief from dry cough. It can also give a soothing effect on the throat.
  • Turmeric is always a wonderful home remedy for dry cough. You can have turmeric along with hot milk. This is too good for your cough. Turmeric has a compound that is anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. It can help you to fight against the dry cough. Turmeric can also help to get relief from respiratory issues.
  • Ginger is also known for its anti-bacterial properties. It also boosts the immunity power in the body. You can take it along with tea or other ingredients. If you chew raw ginger it can keep away dry cough as much as possible.
  • You must have heard about marshmallow roots. It is a wonderful herb that works well during dry cough. It is effective in bringing a soothing effect to the throat. It can also stop the irritation that often arises due to dry cough.
  • Peppermint contains menthol which can keep the cough away from you. It also provides you immediate relief from the irritation that takes place because of dry cough. Peppermint also reduces congestion on the throat. It can also provide you relief from the irritations,
  • Masala tea is another home remedy that works well during dry cough. You can prepare it in your home and have it at any point in time. It will bring a soothing effect on the throat.
  • Hot water is always good for dry cough. You must try to consume it from time to time to get immediate relief from dry cough. Take small amount of water and boil it in a stove. You can have it along with some basil leaves. You can also have plain hot water.

With these home remedies you can stay fit and get rid of the dry cough. Dry cough makes a person weak and lazy. It is necessary to cure it. These remedies work well with medicines. Try to consume it daily to experience a better result.

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If you have wi-fi at your home or office then you are familiar with wireless technologies advantages such as cost-effectiveness, ability to connect multiple devices, fast & reliable speed without losing the connection, etc. Apart from this, setting wi-fi in your business, schools, malls, or public & private property means, getting quick data analytics information, viewing new & returning visitors, increasing social media presence, enabling security, & also satisfying customers.

What if the wi-fi is not working? All your tasks will remain pending. Don’t worry! This is not gonna happen! Instead of calling a technical expert, you can set wi-fi settings for

Follow this quick guide now!

This guide is for the popular which is a private IP address known for use as the default address for certain broadband routers -mostly Netgear, TP-Link, & D-Link models.

What are the Steps for Login to

  • If your Internet router/modem’s IP address is then first log in to the configuration panel & manage the Internet settings for your router/modem.
  • Ensure that your device is connected to the network either by Ethernet Cable or wirelessly.
  • Now, type or in the address bar.
  • Then a login page of your router/modem will be shown & you need to enter the default username & password for your router’s configuration page.
  • After logging into the configuration page, you are ready to make the desired changes.

FAQs Related to

Now, Here are the answer to your few queries.

What are the most common default logins for

The default logins for IP address are Username: admin & Password: admin.

What are the most common default logins for 192.168.O.1?

The most common default Username for is also admin & Password: admin.

What if I cannot access

If you type into your address bar & if it is not working then there are chances that is not the gateway of your computer. Now, if you want to find your relevant gateway then give the command line (Start > cmd) & then enter 'ipconfig/all'. You can see now whether your gateway address is or not.

How to Change the Router Password?

Keeping a default password for the long-term is not safe for security reasons. Therefore, it is recommended to keep a strong password for this you can do the following:

1. First, log in to your router admin panel.
2. Now, click on Wireless > Wireless Security tab.
3. Enter your strong or new password into the box & then click on “Save.”

How to change default router IP address?

If you want to have a customized router IP address then follow these quick steps:
D-Link == Access your admin panel > setup tab > network settings > router settings > router IP address > save settings.
TP-Link == Login to your web interface > advanced > network > LAN > change as preferred in IP address feild > save changes.

When the gateway IP address is changed then your router will restart with applied save changes.

Is used for one or multiple devices?

This is one of the main features of this private IP address that it should be used by only one device at a time otherwise conflicts could occur.

What if I connect several devices with the IP address?

As stated above only one device can be linked to this IP address. But if you try to connect other devices with then this can create network malfunctions or problems. Due to this, if your network is not working properly then you need to reconfigure the modem or modify the settings via changing the LAN setup, changing username & password, resolving the security problems, etc.

What if the network connects but there is no internet access?

The answer is simple – you just need to correct your router setup as it's not the wrong router configuration. Afterwards, if the Internet is not working then you can contact your internet service provider for quick assistance.

Want to control your child's internet activities? How do setting up parental controls?

Do you want to protect your children from watching inappropriate content that can be found online? There are two types of parental control that you can easily apply to your internet settings.

They are filtering parental control & monitoring parental control. Talking about the first one – filtering parent control then it will enable you to limit the access to age-restricted content, as well as to place a time limit on internet usage. On the other hand, monitoring parental control allows you to see what your children are doing online.

Both of them are beneficial. You can easily configure your desired settings. So, feel free to make changes & effectively notice your child's internet activities anytime anywhere.

I hope you find this information valuable. For more information, visit us today!

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Is it Safe to Go to Gym After Covid? – Expert Opinion

Covid or Corona outbreak has get us in lot of fearful situation that we must fear doing everything and anything. The world not going to be same anymore after covid, irrespective if we have vaccinated or not. So, here we are going to discuss about should we go to Gym for exercise or not after covid break out.

Is it still safe to go Gym?

Well, after many expert’s opinion, almost all governments in world have opened Gym for everyone and in all countries. And after opening restaurants and Movie theater or multiplex, there was much more demand from people to open gym as well. But even after opening gym in almost all countries, there are any countries where no cases has been found due to gym or close environment for exercise.

gym in covid lockdown

USA put Gymnasium in Top 3 Alert level of getting infected before they opened everything or say before they vaccinated people. But there are no data to support this allegation that doing gym or going gym with people can get infected with Covid. There was just assumption that exercising together with people can get you infected.

Also, it is also noted that it’s almost impossible to wear mask when in gym as you lift weight and do intense exercise with heavy breathing.

Is there any alternative of Going Gym?

Well, there are many but it might cost you a little. Like you can go for running outside your home, or you can buy home gym like dumbbells or other weight lifting things and a bench to exercise at home. But if you are living in metro city, you will have to compromise on space thing. Also, you can buy new treadmill for your home use and get do running at home and avoid going gym.

This pandemic has cost us a lot. Its better to take caution and avoid crowded place as the covid isn’t gone anywhere yet. And if it is very very important for you to go to the gym than make sure that they are following all the safety steps and precautions as one small mistake can cost you a lot.

Vaccination is Must!

Yes, You must go to gym or any other public place only after getting vaccinated. Don’t even think to go there before you vaccinate yourself. And Don’t take off your guards. Just wear mask, follow social distancing and vaccinated as soon as possible before yo go to gym.

So, overall we come to conclusion that there is no evidence to prove that going gym will get you infected with corona virus. But, yes its very much important to follow rules and regulation to remain safe. Also, it is very much advised to go to gym only after getting vaccinated.

Just follow the rules, or you can do exercise at home, choice is yours. But we highly advise to avoid going into crowd, even if you are vaccinated because the corona virus isn’t gone yet.

Hope our Article Help you to decide more. Have a Happy Exercise. Stay Safe, Stay Fit!

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Top 5 Home Remedies for Ranjanwadi – रांजणवाडी घरगुती उपाय

You must have heard about Ranjanwadi disease. Our eyes are the essential parts of the body. However, at a specific time, we may observe some issues in our eyes. It may happen that our eyes may develop some lumps. It may be painful. But you may also face some discomfort while seeing. This is called as Ranjanwadi. This is a common problem that is observed among most people. There may be many causes for this problem. Pollution is one of the main causes for this problem. Our air is filled with various viruses and bacteria’s. They may hamper our eyes by causing various diseases.

Best way to deal with Ranjanwadi – रांजणवाडी घरगुती उपाय


You must know the actual way to deal with Ranjanwadi. Apart from medicines and other treatments you can rely upon some home remedies to deal with the issue.

  1. Warm compress is always better for Ranjanwadi. If you tame warm compress after small intervals it can give you relief from this issue. The eye will feel much better. It will open the glands and drain the style quickly. Hence there will be chances to get immediate relief from Ranjanwadi.
  2. It is vital to maintain the eye hygiene. Stye is contagious. This can help in better spreading of the bacteria and viruses in the eye. So, regular washing is necessary. You can use medicated eye drops to keep the eye good. You must always wash your hands before touching the eyes.
  3. Sometimes OTC medications or over the counter medications can help to get rid of the pain that may take place due to Ranjanwadi.
  4. Sometimes antibiotics can help to get rid of this problem. But you can take those medicines that are prescribed by the physicians. Never take medicines without any proper advice or instructions.
  5. On the other hand steroids can also work well during the Ranjanwadi. The doctor injects the steroid in the stye to help in healing the problem and reducing the pain.
  6. Steroids are good in dealing with the issue. They work great on styes and Ranjanwadi problems. You can also use steroids in the form of cream and eye drops. They will work well to get rid of the eye problem.
  7. If the matter becomes serious you may have to take doctor’s advice and opt for the operation. Through operation the problem may be solved and you may get a permanent solution. However, you have to get it done from a proper place. It is the most essential thing.

It is always advised to take proper steps, if you observe a slight bump or lump in your eye area. It will take some days for the lump to grow and take the shape. If you start medications from the beginning the problem can be solved. The lump may also turn red within a short time. So, the best way to deal with the eye problem is to take proper actions and steps. Eye is a delicate part of our body and it needs special care and attention.

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Top 5 Benefits of Jeshthamadh Powder – ज्येष्ठमध पावडर

When the whole world is passing through a crucial stage, it is our duty to take special care of our health. Rather we must concentrate in increasing the immunity level in the body. This is the reason why we should try to consume all sort of natural products. The energy and power that you will get from natural sources is never available in any medicines or artificial products. So, it is always recommended to consume the natural and best ones. They will always give the best service to the consumers. You will get various natural products and out of the Jeshthamadh are the most noted ones.

Best uses of Jeshthamadh powder – ज्येष्ठमध पावडर

Jeshthamadh powder

In this part, you will learn about the best uses and benefits of Jeshthamadh powder. It is a wonderful natural ingredient that can help getting you the best health benefits. In this part, you will learn about some of the best part of Jeshthamadh powder.

  1. The first use of this powder is that it helps in boosting the immunity level in the body. This immunity power will help you to fight against fever, arthritis, cold and cough. It is a great work and support given by Jeshthamadh powder.
  2. It can also help reducing stomach ulcer problems. Most of us suffer from these issues. But after daily consumption of Jeshthamadh powder, you can get rid of this problem.
  3. It works well in a condition when people suffer from mental retardation and mental issues. Many physicians suggest consuming it daily. It can help in getting rid of weakness problems.
  4. The powder has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus it helps in healing the problem of arthritis to a great extent. It works well during arthritis problem. It is a great natural home remedy.
  5. It is anti-allergic. So if you develop some rashes and allergies, you can consume this product. It will solve your problem to a great extent. Due to its medicinal values, it is included in the list of Ayurvedic treatment. The root of this plant has excellent medicinal properties. Because of this it is exported to various countries of the world.
  6. If you are suffering from hair and skin problem, you can try this product. It will solve the problem and make your skin and hair glowing day by day. You will get rid of all those problems.
  7. It can also help to lower the cholesterol level in the body. It is another major task that is done by the powder.
  8. It is the root that is filled with good power and qualities. The roots of the plant are extracted and powder is prepared.

So, Jeshthamadh powder is known for its immense medicinal values. It has been long used by the people to cure various health issues. If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned health issues, you can start consuming the powder. But be careful about the dosage. It is fine if you take proper advice from the physician while taking the powder.

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